Let Go, Let God: Surrendering Self-Centered Delusions in the Costly Journey of Faith

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Please spread the word and feel free to join us. Facilitators: Lucien Lowell — lowelllucien frontiernet. This workshop will train step members in the Forgiveness Prayer Practice.

It does come. But it comes only to those who are patient, who are there as if eternity lay before them, so unconcernedly silent and vast. The many years of meditation has afforded me the time to develop a relationship with the Divine in silence and solitude. This ever-deepening relationship has conditioned me to bring contemplative practices into my work a tattoo artist. To be a contemplative tattoo artist is to serve others who seek to adorn their bodies with art.

The Power of Surrender: LET GO & LET GOD Meditation

Allowing silence and solitude to infuse my career of tattooing, I often find myself in a contemplative state during my work process. The active prayer is my practice while in the middle of an ordinary day. Active prayer clears my mind and allows the Divine presence to permeate the tattooing process. The grace of the Divine indwelling creates space for me to serve with an open heart and a quieter mind. This is the space where I enter my inner mandala.

The Mandala is a special representation for my work in tattooing. It is well known in multiple wisdom traditions, for it contains an overwhelming sense of moving into the center point, a beautiful symbol for our spiritual journey inward. Over the years, more and more people — without ever understanding the concept behind them — are attracted to these designs for their beautiful imagery.

I look at the mandala as both entering the sacred center within and simultaneously radiating Divine sacredness outward. One of my loves for mandala skin art is that it allows the contemplative conversation to open between the client and me. The knowledge shared about the inward and outward expression represented by the ornamental design and how it may relate to our lives creates a sense of comfort, a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimension of life and art.

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Most of my clients know of my deep relationship with contemplative meditation through my social media channels, and many inquire about meditation practices while they sit for their tattoo. It is a blessing to be able to give the gift of tattooing compassionately, to be of service in a deeper way for the person who is asking me to permanently mark his or her body.

The art of tattooing is one of healing, growth, and compassion, just as living a contemplative life develops healing, growth, and compassion. Tattooing allows me to share the fruits of the contemplative life with those who may have never known anything about spiritual development or the contemplative lifestyle. The art of contemplative tattooing is a beautiful journey into the ever-developing relationship with the Divine and with the divinity within others.

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A Prayer … Blessing the Donkey I start the day with a prayer online. I was now invited to allow Jesus on his donkey, to enter the city of my heart. During the course of the morning I held that image close to my heart and then in the afternoon had the awe-inspiring opportunity to explore more and share once again my prayer with our Meditative Art practice group. Dear Jesus, Bless all the donkeys on our planet. How blessed was that donkey to take you onto your last ride before you died for us on the Cross.

Please help me with my daily attempt to keep the door of my heart wide open for you. How blessed I am to be able to wake up every morning, switch my cell phone on and so start my day on-line with you. This morning I was extraordinary blessed with this prayer. I asked you to help me and give me the humility to accept that your will triumph in me — not in the stately and dignified way that I might choose, but in the way you choose for me … simply quietly, joyfully in poverty and in the company of all that is least in me and the world.

Continue to let the blessings rain upon the technologists and their systems giving us daily the opportunity to gather around our Online Meditation Circle of Love. Blessings to each partner of our circle and to continue illuminating our souls. How blessed we are…Amen. Bluebirds sweetly sing. Their songs fill bright morning skies.

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I always was here, and I always will be. But being human, there was always some doubt. What if I was wrong? What if I was crazy? What if the clarity was just some monstrous delusion?

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Your faith was barely hanging on by a thread anyway. So, when I doubted the clarity, I would sit under a Cyprus tree. I would gaze out until I could hear the whispers of the stars. They would hold me, remind me, reassure me, until the doubts passed, and the clarity returned. The clarity has been with me as long as I can remember, but until recently, it made no sense.

It was a vision of love versus evil.

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Which would you bet on? We were surrounded by evil, and we were afraid of it. The wrong word, the wrong thought could mean a beating, imprisonment, death, or worse. Much worse. The idea that the force of evil could be overcome by the gentleness of love seemed absurd. All you had to do was open your eyes. Where did love ever win over evil?

But the clarity told me this was wrong. There was only one way to test the clarity. Only one way to prove it to you. And perhaps, only one way to prove it to myself. Through trial. The gentleness of love meeting head-on the forces of evil.

Anything else was just talk. I had to put my money where my mouth was. I had to face the monster. But I was so frightened. I had seen what evil was capable of. We all had.

Letting Go of a Relationship That Doesn't Exist

I walked into the evil, and the evil did its worst. It was bad. Very bad. I thought at times I would give in. I survived. Not my body. Evil has the power to kill.

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We are all going to die, all evil can do is expedite it. This was never about my body. It was about my love. I am now proof of that. You can see all of this for yourself. Open your heart. Feel my love flow through you. There is a proper course to follow to help the broken lives on the street.

With burdened hearts, kind and thoughtful community leaders are always looking for a solution for a problem that God solved many years ago. Humanity has a great need, and the only solutions are Christ and salvation.