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On this ship, there is one more person, who is perhaps the real heroine, and that is the Angel Lucinda.

Lucinda too is an orphan, brought up by her Aunt Gretchen. Her mother was a Jacobite mortal who was killed by Bael and her father was a Samarian angel. Her mother died during childbirth, giving life to twin sisters, one angel, the other mortal. The angel twin was Lucinda. The mortal sister was believed to have died. You know where this story is going. The mortal sister lived, and she is Tamar. The Alleluia Files is not as much about the reunion of these sisters as it is about the grand revelation.

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Everything is uncovered, truth finally comes to people. But the cost of truth is heavy. Man has always constructed so many stories about God. Man has purged history text books and religious scriptures; man has decimated temples and burnt down libraries. But the questions of who is God, where is He, do we believe in Him or not— these questions will chase man forever. Who designed the marvellous cycle of cloud and rain and river, if not a god? Who made you— and you— and you too— if not some god whose name we have forgotten?

What is left to endow us with any grace?

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You can tell me the chemical makeup of my skin and my brain, but how can you explain away my soul? And if there is no god to watch over me, chastise me, grieve for me, rejoice with me, make me fear, and make me wonder, what am I but a collection of metals and liquids with nothing to celebrate about my daily living? Einstein did say that religion without science is blind, and science without religion is lame.

Who is to say which one is a bigger infirmity? The original settlers had come in a giant spaceship called Jehovah, but had they themselves once upon a time believed in a God. Their world had been destroyed by technological advancement — possibly, a nuclear holocaust, is what I am guessing. They brought their children to this new land and set about building a web of lies, brainwashing the new generations with a crafty network of stories about their being a God who would be kind enough to them to help them in need and on prayer—note, as long as the supplies on the spaceship lasted after all.

But after being so long deluded, are the people of Samaria the majority and their Jacobite and Edori brethren prepared and quipped to deal with such a giant void? To worship or not, that becomes the question. I do not trust to your goodness enough. I do not trust to any man's. If we do not have a god, we have no limits. And a race without limits will become savage in a generation. Where' do we look? We have been down that road before, and it was a blind alley. We do not want to delude ourselves again. Everything that Shinn writes is evocative of deep thought and emotion.

She brings into the book amazing world-building.

Samaria Trilogy: 3: The Alleluia Files by Sharon Shinn -

What made the experience of listening to The Alleluia Files the most enjoyable? The characters of the Alleluia Files are so deep and complex! Now that I'm done reading the book, I actually sort of miss them as if they were my real-life friends! What did you like best about this story?

Not only are the characters amazing, the entire premise of a world set up like the past in the future is creative and really well done by the author. Which scene was your favorite? The scene where Delilah accidentally transports herself to Jehovah is delightful. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? There are so many amazing moments in this book. I couldn't possibly chose one. Any additional comments? Read everything Sharon Shinn writes! You won't regret it! He believes that Jovah does not exist, and that therefore Jovah will take no action if the Gloria is not sung.

If Raphael manages to prevent the Gloria from being celebrated, will the god send destruction down on them?

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The Archangel Delilah crashes to the ground when flying in a storm, and breaks her wing. She is more of a studious person than a leader and negotiator. Alleya is an exception — the god does seem to hear her.

But will he always hear her? And if Jovah cannot hear when they sing the Gloria, will he destroy the world? Samaria is undergoing an industrial revolution. Caleb and his friend Noah, an Edori, are engineers in the city of Luminaux. Caleb is experimenting with flight, attempting to create artificial wings to enable mortals to fly like angels. Noah has created a motor vehicle, and intends to move on to motorised boats, to enable the Edori to migrate to the legendary continent of Ysral, far across the sea. Noah takes Caleb to a nightclub, where Delilah sings. Delilah was depressed when she could no longer fly, and left the Eyrie to live somewhere else.

And since, Delilah and Noah have become lovers.

Samaria Trilogy: 3

Alleya talks to the oracle Job, to determine whether the rains and storms are because the god is angry with them. Job tells her she must find the son of Jeremiah. This is also the answer to who should become her husband, the angelico, who must sing with her in the Gloria.

The music players in the Eyrie, which play recordings of sacred music, are breaking down. These use technology from the time of settlement, which has since been lost, but the music is needed by angels to learn the masses.

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Someone recommends to Alleya that Caleb, in Luminaux, may be able to fix the machines. So Alleya visits Caleb, and the two of them become quite friendly. But Alleya is afraid to let their relationship develop too far, as she must marry the man that Jovah has selected for her.

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Alleya borrows some books from Mount Sinai, the oracle retreat in Bethel currently vacant , and studies up the ancient language of the first settlers. This enables her to learn the language used to communicate with Jovah using the screen and keyboard at the retreat. And this leads her to discover the true nature of Jovah, which is quite a shock to her. And it turns out that Jovah needs help from her and Caleb.