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On parade our guns are right of the line, as the senior Regiment. A soldier from The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery who suffered a broken neck when she risked her life to save others was remarkably back in the saddle for the accession day gun salute in The Green Park in London.

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Search Search. Interoperability Facts and Figures. Personal Equipment Small arms and support weapons Combat vehicles Protected patrol vehicles Reconnaissance vehicles Engineering equipment Logistic vehicles Artillery, Air Defence Communication and surveillance Aircraft Assault boats and landing craft.

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Active From 26 May Role Royal Artillery. Specialism Hunt-Find-Strike. Some of the countries we have a military presence are: Estonia Iraq Kenya Afghanistan. Horse-drawn equipment needed wheelers and fitters and the officer needed clerks who could write in artillery code and signallers who could send it. They also supplied men to the ammunition columns and HQ staff.

The Royal Garrison Artillery comprised companies for coast defence, sections for anti-aircraft defence grouped together in large batteries and the siege and heavy batteries for supporting the army in the field who were grouped into heavy artillery groups HAGs. Mountain batteries comprised batteries within brigades.

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The Territorial Force TF had a similar structure but using their county name. By mid, this had all become very complicated and TF brigades were renamed with numbers rather than county titles, although many units continued to add their old name into their new title. Volunteers were taken from anywhere to man trench mortar batteries, infantry brigades were supported by numbered trench mortar batteries and the divisions by lettered trench mortar batteries.

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The award itself The military medal could be awarded more than once to the same soldier. This was denoted by the addition of a bar to the original medal. Here each award is listed separately, so checking the 'soldier's post nominal' field is a must to ensure success.


In and until , however, the royal regiment was divided into two branches. Between these years, men were recruited into one or other branch and tended to remain in that branch throughout their service.

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The Centre is very proud of the support of its civilian membership and the local equestrian community who frequently visit for tuition, or to attend competitions. Car, Lorry and Trailer Parking Area. Before joining RAECTI, all prospective members are asked to complete a 30 minute assessment ride to determine their level of ability to determine an appropriate teaching class.

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Children must be 4 years and above. Our civilian instructors are BHS registered to ensure quality, suitability and progression.

Lessons take place throughout the week and on Saturday. We welcome all levels of riders and have a range of excellent horses and ponies.

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Our paddocks are fenced with good quality post and rail fencing and there is summer and winter turn out available. Officer Manager Jane Ord. Her passion and drive towards the care of our horses and ponies and working with the military and wider civilian community is second to none.

She is passionate about her students and in particular coaching.