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Perhaps you have a general word in mind but you need a more specific term. The Writer's Digest Flip Dictionary solves these common problems! Best-selling author Barbara Ann Kipfer has crated a huge reference that offers cues and clue words to lead writers to the exact phrase or specific term they need.

It goes beyond the standard reverse dictionary format to offer dozens of charts and tables, listing groups by subject such as automobiles, clothing types, plants, tools, etc. Writers of fiction and nonfiction will use it to find that elusive word they need, and word lovers will find it an entertaining book to simply sit and browse through. Crossword puzzlers will also find it invaluable.

In all, this indispensable desk reference is as necessary as a dictionary or thesaurus - but a lot more fun. She is best known as the author of 14, Things to Be Happy About. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Writers Digest Books, Condition: New.

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Here are a few ideas to keep your brain simmering on story while you enjoy that spiced cider. When I was a youth, I read an article written by a Christian fiction writer I admired. They are pagan. Worshiping it. Adoring it. Christ is all we should bow to.

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Learn. Focus. Write.

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Hot cider. Reflection and peace.

Roget's Descriptive Word Finder: A Dictionary/Thesaurus of Adjectives

Stories we watched just one more time. Increase Mather, a Puritan preacher, knew the origins of Christmas and banned the holiday between to And what better way to celebrate than to supplant a raucous festival with one centered around love and selflessness? A weeklong festival celebrated between December This week, the Roman laws were no longer enforced. Table of ContentsIntroduction Think imaginatively. And avoid those big writing blunders that can squeeze thelife out of what you write. For instance, if all of us followed thesame grammar rules and thought in the same grammar terms,there would be little distinction in our styles, in the way wewrite.

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One piece of writing would read and sound like everyother piece of writing, and instead of individuality, there wouldbe only a collective us! Fortunately, the demands of style and individuality allow youto avoid the straightjacket of rules and formulas. But attitude is morethan seeking to break rules simply because they are there; youmust have a reason beyond the urge to be different. There mustbe purpose in what you do. One way of understanding the influence of rules—grammar orotherwise—on the way you write is to see how they affect theword sounds.

Will italics, generally used for emphasis, also changethe point of view, for example, and if so, how effectively? Doescapitalizing an entire phrase and running the words together causethe words to scream out at the reader? Questions like these arewhat the thinking writer must pose to herself, and the answerswill determine whether the word sounds are sour or sweet.

Style is what youhope to produce. It was ofconsequence where the commas and periods went.

Download Writer's Digest Flip Dictionary ebook textbooks

His prosewas tight and emphatic, and his phrases never dangled or weresuperfluous. His craftsmanship honed his work to its essence. Sentence structure and punctuation were crucial, theproper word was essential, and what was omitted as importantas what was inserted. Which brings us to adverbs and adjectives.